If you are a student of MGT 410 or MGT 453/01 or MGT 453/02 enter the FISHBOWL here.

The Fishbowl as a pedagogical device, is engagement through exchange of words, not lecturing mass audiences. It is combining media voyeurism, technological exhibitionism, and strategic simulations. Furthermore, it is having awareness of the imaginary nature of words.

Through story telling and conversation, I tap into a primal urge. I do this by emphasizing the sweep of narrative to theatrical performance, which has its Western roots in the songs of Homer. When done well, I’m able to transform the classroom into an exciting ritual space where students gather to listen, to experience, to better understand themselves.

In this experience there are no hierarchies such as the teacher/student construct, but decentralization; it is more egalitarian than elitist…the experience serves individuals and communities. The theoretical basis for the Electronic Fishbowl may be read in the following ‘Seminal Documents.’ View the papers in PDF format with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Creating Representational Space: Demo or Die (PDF)," forthcoming special issue of Organization, Sage, 2001. Also presented at Conference on Re-Organizing Knowledge: Transforming Institutions, Knowing, Knowledge, and the University in the 21st. Century, September 1999, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Materiality of Text As A Moving Composition: An Alternative Pedagogical Device (PDF)," forthcoming special issue of Studies in Cultures, Organizations and Societies, Harwood Academic Press, 2001. Also presented at the 18th. International Conference of the Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, July 2000, Athens, Greece.

View the Creating a Learning Community Proposal (PDF) based on the Fishbowl.

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